Young Professional’s Business Leadership


Young Professional's Business Leadership (YPBL) is a group of high school youth that encourages entreprenuership and promotes the skills needed to be successful in today's business world. This consists of a Business class led by an IRSC business teacher. Youth learn and are engaged in the fundamentals of basic and corporate finances. The class also teaches the business skills it takes to acquire a job in today's business market. Young Professional's Business Leadership program perform various hands-on learning tools where they interact with real life situations and everyday people in our community. YPBL is responsible for conducting 80% of the community service efforts, projects, and fundraisers held at Dasie Hope Center.


Recent YPBL Fundraisers/Community Projects:


  * YPBL held a Baked Goods Sale to assist in the funding of their upcoming

      business field trip to Washington D.C.. These baked goods were handmade fresh to

      order by the youth themselves.


  * YPBL decided to send carepackages last school semester to their fellow "alumni" of

      Dasie Hope Center program who are now currently enrolled in college. YPBL wanted to

      continue to send a thought of encouragement in the form of handmade giftbaskets filled

      with tons of college life neccessities donated by our local community. The Dasie Hope

      “Scholarship of Hope” has provided for 6 youth to attend college, where their grades

       must remain up to date with our records.


 *YPBL organized a community food drive "Stuff-the-Van" where the youth gathered boxes

    of nonperishable food items and dispersed them to the less fortunate and elderly over

    the Christmas season. 


* YPBL held a Holiday Seafood Fest to assist in the funding of their upcoming business

    fieldtrip to Washington D.C. Youth wanted to sell non traditional foods that normally aren't

    found in abundance during the Christmas season. They sold hot fish and shrimp dinners

    with french fries cooked to order. It was a very successful idea!

License #: C19IR0110