About Us

What is the Dasie Bridgewater Hope Center?

Dasie Hope is an after-school program serving approximately 125 children living in the Wabasso area from kindergarten through high school.  The Center offers homework assistance, individual tutoring, computer skills, creative arts, gender-specific programming and supervised outdoor sports in a "clubhouse" environment.

There is full-time paid staff as well as dedicated volunteers at the Center.  Ancillary services include psychological counseling, mentoring and social services.  Age-specific activities include Journalism Club, Young Professionals Club, Kidz Cafe, Coupon Cuties and Girls With  A Future as well as leadership training and classes designed to boost self-esteem.

The Dasie Bridgewater Hope Center was founded in 2001 by Executive Director Verna Wright .  Mrs. Wright's family has a long history in Wabasso and the Center is named in her mother's memory.  The Center is located in the former Douglas School in Wabasso.

Check out the Dasie Hope "About Us" Handbook .


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